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Here are some of my compositions, are licensed under a Creative Commons License, permission to perform granted, if I am notified of the performance, and you send me a copy of the program. Recording for personal use is also granted (as long as you send me a file for posting here). Recording for sale must be negotiated, and no such permission is granted here.

Please, download my cover sheets and keep them with the compositions.

Thank you.

-- Carol E. Wheeler


Right click on the icon to download MOZART the Music Processor™ files. You can find out more about the program, and download the reader.

  • "Fanfare for the Unheralded" (8 part brass)
    • Full Score green 8th notes=original
    • Parts
      • Trumpets green 8th notes=original
      • Horns green 8th notes=original
      • Trombones green 8th notes=original
      • Tubas green 8th notes=original
  • "Sigh No More, Ladies" (SSAA) green 8th notes=original

Cover Sheets

Right click on the icon to download pdf files of the cover sheets. All music must have a cover sheet attached.

  • Fanfare for the Unheralded Adobe pdf file logo
  • Sigh No More, Ladies Adobe pdf file logo


"Fanfare for the Unheralded" (MP3) green 8th notes=original
Live performance by DC's Different Drummers (November 2002)


All the rest of my scores have been lost, so I hope you enjoy these.